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dim. 21 avr.



Optimise your sleep

Sleep is the foundation of our health, however we lack knowledge and healthy habits on how to sleep well.

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Optimise your sleep
Optimise your sleep

Heure et lieu

21 avr. 2024, 14:30 – 17:00

Bruxelles, Chem. des Deux Maisons 71 Boite 2, 1200 Bruxelles, Belgique

À propos de l'événement

How rested do you feel in the morning? 

How energised do you feel throughout the day? And how easy is it for you to fall asleep?

This workshop is for you if: - Waking up in the morning is difficult and various stimulants are needed to cope with the day (e.g. countless cups of coffee or energy drink) - When it is finally the time to sleep, your brain races on and on with thoughts, and sleep gets delayed, sometimes even for hours - You wake up many times during the night, you seem to have a light sleep, and quite often you may not even be able to go back to sleep

For some, sleeping well may sometimes seem a distant and unattainable goal. However, sleeping is the most natural thing. For instance babies sleep in the womb most of the time, without having to be prompted or taught.

For others, sleep has become a sensitive subject, and in some cases, it’s even a source of suffering. We are more and more stressed, and in stressful situations, sleep is amongst the first areas to be disrupted.

In this workshop, I will support you in the search and choice of good practices that support your sleep.

What to expect? - Sleep fundamentals presented in an easy way - Learning about good sleep practices that sustain a sleep hygiene - Relaxation exercices - Individual exercices prompting to reflection and group exercises - Homework for after the workshop, as change requires action - And some fun ‘serious games’ practices, as learning should also be fun

Following the workshop: - One free online one-on-one coaching session (1 hour) following the workshop, to go deeper in supporting you to sleep better (Confidentiality ensured. I follow the coaching standards and ethics of the International Coaching Federation )

Recommended Price: 35 - 55 euro (2 hours and 30 min)

If budget is really an issue, please mention it when you register, and 'pay what you can' in a conscious way at the end of the session.

Registration - To register, send a mail at - To support the organisation of this workshop and ensure a good sleep for the facilitator, please register at the latest on Saturday, 20 April, 22:00 - Marking "Interested" or "Going" in the Facebook event does not count as a registration

Location & Date This workshop will take place at Centre Le Chemin on Sunday, 21 April, from 14:30 - 17:00.

Address: Centre Le Chemin, Chemin des deux Maisons, 71, 1200, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

About your facilitator:

Gabriela Doicaru-Spencer is a professional certified coach focusing on women’s well-being, be it physical, emotional or work related. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Gabriela facilitates various wellbeing workshops and laughter yoga, a somatic practice of intentional laughter, which supports mental and physical health, and helps create positive emotions.

Gabriela previously worked in online communications and in IT as a project manager. Her interests include psychology, body-mind balancing techniques, somatic and embodiment practices, burnout prevention, stress management and connecting with one’s inner child.

Visit her website here:

Connect with Gabriela on LinkedIn:

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