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Sue Cathie

"My name is Sue, I'm English born and bred, but also officially Belgian since the end of 2019. I came here as a young Mum with 3 children under 5, and am now Mum to 6 children and grandmother to 17 grandchildren.

For 9 years I ran a tea-room "Lounge 81" in Woluwe St Pierre where I had the pleasure of meeting all sorts of people and making friends with many around home-made cakes and a cup of tea.

The Centre le Chemin is a brilliant place to work. We're looking to develop a friendly and welcoming space where people of all ages, all backgrounds, all nationalities can come together. The aim is to be much more than a place that offers rooms to hire for events, we want to help foster relationships which barriers are broken down as we learn to see our differences as enriching our lives and our community."

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Laëtitia Cathie

" Hi, my name is Laëtitia. I am a trained nurse but I have worked as baby-sitter, waitress or as a nanny along my professional journey.

I am French, I've lived 5 years in Manchester in the UK and I arrived in Bruxelles in 2019.

Then our son was born !

As a professionnel and in my personnel time, I was always guided by one idea... help people and do my best to improve the quality of life for the people around me.

That's why working at the Centre le Chemin is, forme, a logical step in my career.

I wish to create, thanks to various activities, a friendly and participative community.

If you see activities about sewing, it's probably because of me. I love it !!

You can find me as L3petitspoints.

I like the idea of the suspension points, they leave a space for imagination, creativity and you are not limited by a label !!"

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